• Classroom Policies

    Please read homeroom procedures and policies carefully.

    Students will visit their lockers upon arrival in the morning.  After putting their coats in the locker they should take the books they will need for periods #1-3.  By 7:50 AM students need to be reading quietly or studying at their seats while waiting for morning exercises to begin.  Students need to be attentive, quiet and reverent during morning prayer and announcements. 

    After morning prayer, students will process to their classes. At locker break students will exchange their books for those of periods #4-6.  After period 6, students can return to their lockers and exchange books for periods #7-8.

    When the students return to the classroom after period 8 the teacher may need to give last minute reminders and instructions. Students will go directly to their seats at this time. When buses are called students will then go to their lockers and collect the books they will need to bring home. Students are in charge of keeping their desks and lockers neatly organized.  Also students will be asked to keep the floor areas near their seats clean.