Health Policies

  • Nurses:  Janet Brogan, RN and Kathy Mulquin, RN 
    Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 7:30 -2:30 p.m (during school year)
    Phone:  203-255-0556  Ext 223
    Private Fax:   203-255-1463

    Health Services Programs

    • Emergency first aid care for illnesses and injuries
    • Postural screening for female students in grades 5 and 7
    • Administration of medications ordered by physician
    • Review of health assessments and immunization status for students
    • Development of Individual Health Care Plans for students with chronic health problems
    • Participation in interdisciplinary team meetings
    • Health counseling and referral for students, parents and staff
    • Protection of school population through emergency planning and communicable disease control

    The goal of the nursing program is to facilitate and promote optimal learning for all students and act as a resource for students, parents and staff. The nursing staff encourages parental input regarding medical problems or concerns to help provide the best educational experience for your child. Please call during the above hours if we can be of any assistance.