Financial Assistance Sources

  • Two sources of tuition assistance funding are available:

    1. Bishop's Scholarship Fund (BSF)
      The mission of the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund (BSF) is to help families afford a Catholic Education.  Awards are issued on a based on eligibility, neeed, timing of application and confirmation of registration. It is to a family’s advantage to apply early. To review the criteria and the application process, click through to this Diocese of Bridgeport Scholarship and Financial Aid link.

    2. St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School Tuition Assistance Committee (TAC) Awards
      Our school has an annual fundraising campaign in order to provide tuition assistance beyond that available through the Bishop's Scholarship Fund for families in need.  Available amounts vary each year based on the results of the fundraising campaign.

    A FACTS application is required each year for any financial awards. Financial awards are given on a yearly basis and only for the year awarded.  

    All families who have a child or children registered or are new registrants to a Catholic elementary school (Grades K-8) and are in financial need of tuition assistance are eligible to apply for tuition assistance from the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund.

    Deadline to Apply:

    Deadline for all submissions for RETURNING students is March 15 
    Deadline for all submissions for NEW students is April 15
    Only completed FACTS Grant & Aid applications submitted online with all required supporting documents will be considered.

    Process for Assistance Awards from Both Sources
    Bishop’s Scholarship Fund (BSF)  

    1. Complete the online FACTS Grant & Aid application and answer all questions and uploads via this link   
    2. Pay the non-refundable fee required for the FACTS assessment.
    3. Submit to FACTS a scan of backup documentation including your prior year Income Tax Return and related schedules and current year W-2.  If you do not file taxes, verification of non-filing is required.

    The Bishop’s Scholarship Fund Advisory Board will receive a confidential report from FACTS outlining your financial situation based on the information you submit in your application and required supporting documents.  Scholarships for elementary school students will be awarded in the spring for the following school year beginning August/September.

    Submitting an application does not guarantee a scholarship, and every effort will be made to accommodate student need. Applications usually open February 1, and it is recommended to apply early since only complete applications are considered.  Early submission allows time for time for FACTS to review your application and notify you of missing information. It may take up to 2 weeks for applications to go through various vetting processes at FACTS and a missing section may not be noticed in time for the deadline.   

    St. Thomas Aquinas Tuition Assistance Committee Awards (TAC)  
    Families seeking school funded assistance must first have completed the assistance application process via FACTS detailed above.   The family must notify the principal, in writing using the steps below, if the Bishop's Scholarship Fund Award (BSF), if any, does not meet their financial needs.  TAC awards cannot be given if the process for the BSF was not followed.

    TAC Application Steps (2 documents):

    1. After the BSF awards have been announced, complete the attached tuition assistance application
    2. Write a confidential letter explaining your circumstances.   The information will be reviewed by the St. Thomas Aquinas School Tuition Assistance Committee (TAC), which consists of 3 people who are not current parents or employees.  
    3. Send 2 documents together (application and letter) to the principal, Dr. Patrick Higgins (   Notice of the TAC awards will be available by June.

    Understanding TAC Assistance Awards

    1. The TAC committee may award assistance only with the money available. This amount is dependent on previous year’s annual giving contributions or private donations and varies annually.  
    2. Students of families receiving the award are expected to maintain good effort and conduct.   The principal retains the right to reallocate funds if a student consistently lacks effort or good conduct or parents do not support the school’s efforts to help the student.

    There are no additional sources of assistance funding available to the school. Families are encouraged to seek outside sources for assistance as well  (clubs, organizations, parishes, Knights of Columbus) and the school will cooperate in any way possible.

    Any form of assistance requires documentation and approval of the principal on a year to year basis.