• School Daily Schedule

    7:00-7:35        Before School Care Program K- 8th (no fee)
        7:30                    School Office Open
    7:35-7:50        Students K-8th report to homeroom classrooms

    Students arriving after 7:50 are LATE and must be signed in by a parent at the school office.

      7:55-8:00        Prayer and Morning Announcements led by the Principal
      8:00-8:39        Period 1 Classes
      8:41-9:19        Period 2 Classes
     9:21-10:00      Period 3 Classes
    10:05-10:45     Period 4 Classes
    10:47-11:26     Period 5 Classes
    11:28-12:08     Period 6A Classes - Lunch/Recess Grades 1-4
    12:09-12:47     Period 6B Classes - Lunch/Recess Grades 5-8
     12:49-1:28       Period 7 Classes
      1:30-2:10         Period 8 Classes
          2:10                 End of School Day, dismissal begins

    Bus Students are dismissed first in the order busses arrive, typically from 2:10-2:20 pm.
    Walkers and Car Riders are dismissed once the busses have left the parking lot at approximately 2:20 pm.
    Beyond the Bell Programs are dismissed individually. Leaders should report to the main office upon arrival. Students will be called to the meeting location. 

    3:00          School Office Closes
    5:30      After School Care Closes 

    * PK Program Before School Care from 7:30-8:30 is optional and fees apply.
    PK normal hours are either 8:30-12:30 or 8:30-2:30 and PK may attend After School Care (fees apply)