School Advisory Board

  • The School Advisory Board represents the institution of the Diocese of Bridgeport and is under the authority of the Office of Education of the Diocese of Bridgeport. The purpose of the School Advisory Board is to provide leadership to foster an environment which provides underlying Catholic values, long term strategic planning, and financial stability. This includes goal setting for finance, facilities, and marketing and development. The role of the School Advisory Board complements the school's mission, which is to nurture and foster the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, and social growth of the student through its religious and academic curriculum and extracurricular programs.
    The School Advisory Board is comprised of not more than 13 members proposed by the pastor/principal and approved by the Bishop. This includes at least five members with experience in the areas of strategic planning, finance, facilities, marketing and development, as well as the Home School Association President, the Pastor, and the Principal. Members may serve two to three years terms with the year running from July 1st thru June 30.   If you wish to contact the Advisory Board please email:

    Ms. Tracy Strub (Head of School)
    Mrs. Erin Russell (Board Chair) 

    Mr. Adam Fielding (Associate Head of School)
    Fr. David (Pastor)
    Mrs. Kathleen Curran (Board Member)
    Mrs. Lauren Marshall  (Board Member)
    Father Christopher Perrella  (Board Member)
    Mrs. Sarah Nocerino (Board Member)
    Mrs. Darcy Ronan (Board Member)
    Mr. Greg Sargent (Board Member)
    Mrs. Barbara Turner (Administrator)