Welcome to your new middle school homeroom! 

    I am looking forward to having  a great year with you! 

    You have worked really hard and now you are officially entering the middle school.  

    As sixth graders, you are beginning your middle school journey.

    It is in this year that students gain new freedoms. 

    They can pass from one class to another without a teacher escort.  They have lockers and schedules.  

    They make good friends and gain new rapport with their many teachers. 

    They are now role models for the younger children.  School sparks new interests and conversations. 

    As a sixth grader you will find that you have more responsibilities this year than ever before. 

    You will be in charge of filling out your assignment pad on a daily basis and keeping track of all your assignments. 

    You will be responsible for arriving at every class on time and for being prepared with all the necessary supplies. 

    But because you are older now and more responsible, you will be traveling on your own, with your classmates, from classroom to classroom. 

    You are the role models for all the younger students in the school.  This year should be quite rewarding. 

    Let the year begin!