Support Your School Library!

  • Celebration Books

    Looking for a creative way to tell someone you care, and support your school library at the same time? Try a Celebration Book! Books can be donated in honor of birthdays, graduations, first communions, confirmations and other special events in your student's life. We place a special book plate on the inside of the front cover with whatever wording you choose. You can also donate a book in memory of a loved one.

    We have set up an Amazon Wish List of books that we are on the lookout for. If you purchase from the list, it gets delivered directly to the school. If you do not see what you like here, and want to find something on your own, please email Mrs. Wilson to make sure we don't already have a copy of the book that you are looking at. Please also email Mrs. Wilson with the wording you would like added to your book plate. 


  • Donations Accepted

    The school library is HAPPY to accept your students' used books. If your books are in good condition and can be added to our collection, we will do so. If we cannot use your donations, we will give them to Wonderland Booksavers, a local non-profit that distributes books to the inner cities in New England, Africa and the Native American Reservations in the United States. We are proud to support Wonderland Booksavers with our weeded library materials and excess donations. Please, give!