Homeschooling Resources for Parents during COVID-19

  • Diocese of Bridgeport's Covid Resource Page


    Downloadable Ebooks and Audiobooks List by Mrs. Wilson


    Virtual Streaming Opportunities, Learning Events and Virtual Tours

    Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration
    CILC places great value on its Content Providers, nearly 200 of the very best cultural organizations and talent from around the world. They make it all possible by connecting students to unique subject matter, artifacts, and experiences. All virtual zoom visits for FREE. Just register ahead of time!
    Explore’s growing library consists of more than 250 original films and 30,000 photographs from around the world. Explore also boasts of over 95 different nature webcams in zoos, sanctuaries and the wild. 

    Online Museum and Virtual Tours
    Museum Computer Network (MCN) continues to foster innovation through growing the digital capacity of museum professionals. This list includes NASA Images, Smithsonian Open Access, Louvre Virtual Tours, Children's Museums and various online collections just to name a few. Over 50 resources included in this list. Everything is FREE! 

    Visit National Parks Virtually
    Travelzoo is a global media commerce company. With more than 28 million members in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and 25 offices worldwide, Travelzoo® publishes offers from more than 2,000 travel, entertainment and local companies. Travelzoo's deal experts review offers to find the best deals and confirm their true value.


    Educational Websites for Various Subject Areas


    Math, Science and Engineering

    Steve Spengler's 50 Science Experiments in 50 Days 
    The Spangler Science Club features highly interactive experiments and hands-on activities created by Steve Spangler. His easy to follow lessons serve as an introduction to more in-depth experiments and challenges that push the learner’s creativity to the next level. Areas of the website have been opened up for FREE for a limited time including 50 Science Experiements in 50 days and Steve's top Science Videos

    Maker Maven
    STEM challenges for at home, using what you have around the house. New challenges featured weekly!

    Engineering is Elementary
    Lessons for home or school. Solutions to accelerate STEM learning. 

    How To Smile
    One of the largest collections of STEM topics and related lessons on the internet. 

    Computer Science

    Girls Who Code
    Girls Who Code offers free at home coding lessons weekly.  

    App Inventor
    Learn how to build apps in minutes using block coding language.
    Learn to code.

    Learn to code, while learning to write music.

    Gamestar Mechanic
    Learn to code video games.



    Teaching Catholic Kids
    Downloadable worksheets and games.

    Bible Games
    Bible scavenger hunts, games and experiences. Alot of fun!

    Magnificat for Kids
    The Magnificat, for ages 6-12.


    English, Reading, Writing

    An empowering approach to creative writing. Join other young authors as you write your own novel in 30 days!

    Explore the world of children's literature (PreK-3rd grade) in this exciting website filled with author readings, book and craft ideas, and music.

    My Story Book
    Create a story, learn from others, share your writing.


    History, Geography and Social Studies

    Masters of Tradition  
    Interactive story map that allows students to explore other cultures, communities and traditions through photos, first person interiviews, video, and short text.

    World 101
    Explore leading issues in our world without opinions. Teaching lessons and resources included. Middle school and up. 

    All Sides
    Explore issues from all sides. Spark conversation, learn how to critically evaluate information. Middle school and up. 

    Engaging students in civics learning. Lessons and activities.



    Learn a language, for free! Earn badges and points while you learn.



    North Carolina Museum of Art
    Explore works of art that are relevant across subjects and grade levels.

    Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems
    The Kennedy Center has archived all of the Lunch Doodles with famed children's author and illustrator, Mo Willems, here. 

    Brush Ninja
    Online, digital art making. 


    General Knowledge-All Subjects

    DK Findout
    A free encyclopedia based off of DK Publisher's knowlege base and information. 

    CK-12 Flexbooks
    Free, online textbooks and classes, in various subjects. Use to improve what you already know, or to learn more!

    Use primary source documents to learn about different subjects, all from the National Archives!

    Explore topics, lessons, and exhibits. An online museum, of sorts.